Avoid The We Buy Houses Tampa Scams

Avoid The We Buy Houses Tampa Scams

Throughout our area there are hundreds of seemingly shady ads that proclaim “We Buy Houses.” Tampa residents in particular can’t stop at a traffic light without being deluged by stapled signs to every telephone pole claiming to give you top dollar for your largest investment – your home. But how do you know which buyers are legitimate and which are out to rip you off? Homework, due diligence and common sense.

Prevent the Rip Off: Work with a Licensed Tampa Realtor

To protect yourself from the many “we buy houses” Tampa scams it is crucial to work only with professionals who have an established history of buying Tampa homes for sale by owner.

Anyone can staple a flyer to a telephone pole and promise you the moon but only true real estate professionals who have been in business successfully for years and have closed a large number of real estate transactions can get you the true worth of your property.

These professionals, including the Tampa Realtor team at Nathan Bangs & Associates, risk their reputation and success of their business with every transaction and client interaction they undertake and they will not risk that by cheating you or otherwise treating you unfairly.

Common Sense Plus Due Diligence Equals Protection

When dealing with the We Buy Houses Tampa process, common sense plus asking questions goes a long way toward protecting yourself from falling prey to a scam.

  • Don’t believe everything they tell you. Check them and their facts out thoroughly. It’s easy to verify licenses, etc. online. Take advantage of technology in your due diligence.
  • Read everything before signing.
  • Get all agreements in writing and ask questions about anything you don't understand.
  • Investigate the company by calling any applicable state real estate associations to find out about any complaints by previous customers.

If things don’t add up, just walk away.

How to Safely Maximize Your Investment Return

At Nathan Bangs & Associates, we buy houses. Tampa homeowners now have a professional Tampa Realtor on their side that makes selling easy and fast and always keeps your best interests front and center.

On your behalf, we can tap into the deep resources of our investor network to bring cash to the closing table fast. Tampa sellers, many of whom turn to us after experiencing the frustration of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) world, are relieved of the stress of getting maximum return and top dollar for your most significant investment – your home.

Start Now.

If you’re interested in receiving cash for your house, please click here and let’s get started immediately.

Regardless of your personal situation or your home’s location and condition, a Tampa real estate agent at Nathan Bangs & Associates can help.

For more information about our We Buy Houses Program, please click here.

About Nathan Bangs, Tampa Realtor

Realtor Nathan Bangs established Nathan Bangs & Associates in 2005 to equally serve as the professional serving for both buyers and sellers of real estate throughout South Tampa. Now in the top 1 percent of more than 7,000 real estate agents in the greater Tampa Bay area, Nathan Bangs & Associates has won a number of awards for customer-focused service and high sales volume.

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