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Moving Tips

by Nathan Bangs

Working with people throughout the years as they move from one house to the other, I know how overwhelming a move can feel. Moving is rated as one of the most stressful situations in life. Often people are excited about the future and where they are going but overwhelmed on how they are going to get out of their current house. Check out the link below from Buzzfeed for some great tips which will make your move easier:

Advantages of Selling Your Home for Cash

by Nathan Bangs

Advantages of Selling Your Home for Cash

We've all heard the saying, “Cash is King”. But when it comes to selling your home, you may be a little leery of cash offers. Provided that the cash offer comes from a reputable company with proof of their ability to buy your home for cash, this may be the most convenient way for you to sell your home. If you are retired, or just need to sell your home quickly, consider these advantages to selling your home for cash:


With a cash offer, there are no Realtor fees.

Realtor fees vary from agency to agency and may be different depending on the amount of time your Realtor feels like he or she invested in the selling process. Here is an infographic from representing a typical Realtor fee schedule on a $300,000 home sale:

Cash buyers, usually buy “as is”

If you know your home needs some repairs that you are unable to afford or do not wish to invest in before the sale of your home, this can be a key reason to go with a cash sale. With a cash offer, there is no need to pay for repairs.

Selling for cash saves time.

There are no showings or strangers touring your home. There are no closing delays waiting for a loan approval and no surprises at the closing table. Selling your property for cash takes DAYS rather than weeks or months.

Life moves quickly and selling your home swiftly without the hassle of listing and finding an agent, may be the best option to get you into a new home or out of financial troubles.

We can help you find a legitimate cash buyer with our We Buy Tampa Bay Houses company. The process is simple and connects you with a buyer ready to make an offer on your home.  We give you a quick closing that puts cash in your hands fast. To find out more information, visit and fill out our simple information sheet. By pairing with a reputable cash buyer, you may be surprised at the sweet relief that accompanies your home sale. 

We’ve detailed how to avoid We Buy Houses Tampa scams and have provided the home buying public with detailed, step-by-step instruction on how a legitimate We Buy Houses transaction should work.

In this post we’ll give you the guidance you need to put an experienced, professional ally by your side to ensure that the transaction is first of all real and above board, and who will then guide you through the process to a fast closing and cash in your pocket. These select professionals, including the Tampa Realtor team at Nathan Bangs & Associates, have the unique insight and experience to take you to a successful transaction from start to finish.

How to Find a Top Tampa We Buy Houses Realtor

Here is your personal checklist and direct questions to answer before enlisting a Realtor to assist you with any We Buy Houses transaction. Ask yourself:

  • Is the agent readily available to answer any questions I have and do the answers make sense? If your agent is hard to reach, gives advice that just doesn’t feel right or suggests things that seem risky or illogical, time to find a new agent. This is your money, time and effort on the line and the agent must show the same energy and level of caring that you do. Feel slighted? Find someone else.
  • Is the agent licensed, for how long and can he/she prove their experience specifically with We Buy Houses transactions? A newly licensed agent may be the smartest in Tampa but the fact is that not only experience, but experience in successful We Buy Houses transactions, will get the process to closing fast and with no bad surprises. Someone experienced in a variety of market conditions and who has continually been doing business is someone who probably is your best bet for guidance. Ask questions. Do your research. Demand proof of any agent’s credentials.
  • Is the agent willing to provide everything is writing and does what they write make sense? An agent willing to put his or her name to a paper trail, meaning written documentation, is someone who is confident in their work and not hiding how they are working for you. But keep in mind that even though there is written documentation that the documents may be fake and a scam. Make sure you understand everything in the documentation and that it makes logical sense. As noted earlier, if your agent is unwilling to explain the process in a way that you completely understand it’s time to get a new agent. Don’t sign any document unless you completely understand it.
  • Does the agent work with a proven investor group or is he/she just looking for a quick buck? Ask about the agent’s track record for We Buy Houses successful transactions and demand proof of their finances if they are buying your house. An experienced agent should have the resources themselves or have access to an investor network that will deliver cash to you at closing. If your agent suggests that you receive anything other that cash or a cashier’s check at closing what do you do? Get another agent.

Where to Start

When beginning the Tampa We Buy Houses process it’s crucial to get an experienced, professional by your side. You first step should be to find a qualified Tampa realtor such as Nathan Bangs & Associates for assistance and ask the tough questions.  Remember that an educated consumer is the best consumer.

Top Four Investments to Maximize Your Home’s Selling Price

by Nathan Bangs

Your home is the biggest investment you may ever make in your life and ensuring that, when it comes time to sell your Tampa home and realize the return on that investment, that you get maximum value is crucial.

In our other posts on this blog we have detailed simple ways you can increase the value of your home. But sometimes it takes more than just eliminating clutter or cleaning windows to realize the true potential when selling Tampa real estate. A home’s location, model, style, quality of construction, landscaping, fixtures, additions, carpeting, paint, and wall coverings all influence value when you buy and, most importantly, influence value when you sell. 

Learning which improvements and renovations will increase value the most and which ones won’t is well worth your time. Drawing from the firsthand knowledge of the experienced team at Nathan Bang & Associates we have compiled the best investments you can make to maximize your Tampa home’s selling price.

  1. The Kitchen. Beyond the kitchen tips we described in an earlier post, the best place for any major investment, if needed, is in the kitchen.  At any open house the first place potential buyers run to is the kitchen. But it’s not necessary to put in all new stainless steel appliances to create a space that sells. The payoff is in the flow and in the “triangle” of the kitchen.

    The layout of the kitchen must make is easy to go from the refridgerator to the stove to the sink. This is the magic triangle that creates the flow of your most important selling point past your home’s location, location, location. If the triangle flow isn’t right, invest in any basic renovations that make your kitchen easy to get around in, inviting and logically appointed.

  2. The Bathroom. Again, beyond common sense cleanliness, the bathroom, along with kitchen, is the best place to invest in to see a significant return. Have a classic green, aqua blue or yellow sink, tub and toilet combo that defines your house as 1970’s Florida? Time for clean, white fixtures accentuated by a new mirror, modern light fixtures, fresh colors and more. The investment is worth it at the closing table.

  3. Replace Popcorn Ceilings and Paneled Walls. Nothing screams tacky 1970’s, possibly asbestos-ridden old Florida construction more than popcorn ceilings and paneling. Get rid of it! And painting over paneling does not work!

    Remove and replace the popcorn ceiling. Rip it out and put up some drywall in place of the paneled walls. No one wants to live in the past but more importantly there is probably a bad reason the popcorn texture is there to begin with – to cover cracks in the ceiling. A home that exudes a clean, modern feel will fetch top dollar. These fixes can be done easily and quickly by an experienced, licensed contractor and can mean the difference between full asking price and a driving away a potential buyer.
  4. Update the Plumbing. It’s true, this is not a visible luxury item that will make buyers drool. But what old metal pipes mean to a potential buyer is a huge and very expensive headache just down the road.

In today’s market even property appraisers take into account the condition and age of a home’s plumbing and pipes when assessing a value for the financing company.

It can pay to have a professional plumber assess the condition of your pipes and, if necessary, replace your system. Plumbing technology today has eliminated much of the total chaos of replumbs in earlier years. New materials mean less mess, less cost on labor and materials, and during the selling process more aggressive buyers who can rest easy knowing that their plumbing concerns are no longer. P.S. May want to check the electrical system as well. Money spent up-front can pay major dividends at the closing table.

Learning which improvements and renovations will increase value and which ones don’t is well worth your time. The seller tips noted on our website offer great advice and details on the best investments you can make to maximize your home’s selling price.

Know Your Options on How to Stop Foreclosure

by Nathan Bangs

A Legitimate Tampa ‘Cash For Houses’ Company may be Your Best Answer

Simply defined, foreclosure is a legal process where the bank or lender basically repossesses your Tampa home if you’re unable to make the payments and sells it themselves to get back as much of their investment as possible. In addition to banks, however, city and county governments can start foreclosure proceedings if you don’t pay your taxes, contractors can begin proceedings if they are paid, and more.

If you simply can’t and won’t be able to make your mortgage payments or other property debts, the absolute best way to avoid foreclosure is to sell your Tampa real estate at the best price possible. But the hardest part of that simple solution is to find a legitimate home buyer who is not only willing, but also has the financial ability to give you a fair price for your property and do so before you’re evicted from your house.

It’s always smart to talk with your lender before taking any major action. Some lenders are willing to work with you to keep you in your house through a variety of methods, one being a mortgage modification. But the truth is that even if you reach an agreement with your lender the chips are still stacked against you. Banks can delay the process until deadlines have passed and it is too late, etc. Anything is possible so be prepared for all contingencies.

But, if your lender is not offering any relief or alternatives to avoid foreclosing proceedings on your Tampa home, get to know that following options regarding the foreclosure process in Florida:

  • Know and understand your rights under Florida’s foreclosure laws.
  • If you can sell your house but the sale won’t produce more than the total amount you owe, the mortgage company may agree to a short payoff and write off the portion of your mortgage that exceeds the net proceeds from the sale.
  • If you haven’t been able to sell you home on the open market, a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure is one option that will transfer title of your property to your mortgage company relieving you of the debt. But, if there are any other liens on the property – second mortgages, judgments from creditors, tax liens, etc. – then this is not an option.
  • Sometimes you can get a qualified buyer to take over your mortgage debt and make the mortgage payments through something called an assumption. Through this you may be able to sell your property and avoid foreclosure.

Another Answer to Stop Foreclosure

But, if you need to sell and sell fast, a little research can help you find a legitimate Tampa Cash for Houses or We Buy Tampa Houses Fast company.

With a proven We Buy Tampa Houses company such as Nathan Bang’s & Associates, the process is simple and straightforward. It starts by submitting a short form with some basic facts about your home which is quickly reviewed by the buyer and his/her investor group. The buyer will then contact you to discuss the possibilities and provide you with an offer.

If you think the offer is fair, it’s a done deal with a quick closing that puts cash in your hands fast and ensures that you avoid foreclosure. If it’s not the price you’re looking for you can negotiate or simply turn it down and continue to look into other ways to keep your lender from foreclosing.

Always keep in mind that given the circumstances where you can’t afford to keep your home, creditors (bank, lender, liens, etc.) are paid first and you, as the homeowner, are the last one who gets paid if any proceeds of your home sale remain.

This is the primary reason to get the best market value for your home and close before any deadlines pass.

This is also why a legitimate Tampa Cash for Houses company may be your best source to resolve things quickly.

An educated consumer is the best consumer. Additional information on how to avoid Cash for Houses scams can be found here.

Professional Advice on Buying a Vacation or Investment Home in Tampa

by Nathan Bangs

People buy vacation homes or investment houses in Tampa for a variety of reasons. Some want to own a piece of Florida paradise as a permanent vacation option that is close to the beach, theme parks, great weather year-round and more. Others may be motivated by potential investment returns as part of planning their retirement finances.

But the fact remains that Tampa is one of the consistent markets for vacation or second homes because of location, location, location.

Why People Buy Tampa Property

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has compiled the primary reasons buyers look to vacation or investment second homes as a great opportunity in its survey Buyer Motivation and Expectations: Vacation Properties vs. Investment Properties:

To use for vacations or as a family retreat

  • Vacation Properties - 80%
  • Investment Properties - 20%

To use as a principal residence in the future

  • Vacation Properties - 27%
  • Investment Properties - 8%

To diversify investments/good investment opportunity

  • Vacation Properties - 23%
  • Investment Properties - 30%

To rent to others

  • Vacation Properties - 23%
  • Investment Properties - 55%

For a family member, friend or relative

  • Vacation Properties - 11%
  • Investment Properties - 16%

Because the buyer had extra money to spend

  • Vacation Properties - 11%
  • Investment Properties - 7%

For the tax benefits

  • Vacation Properties - 10%
  • Investment Properties - 15%

Source: 2013 NAR Investment and Vacation Home Buyers Survey

But Before You Buy, Ask Yourself…

But before you buy a Tampa second, investment or vacation home, ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s the right situation for you.

Does a Second or Vacation Home in the Tampa Area Make Sense for Me?

Visit Florida only once a year? Then maybe a second home in Tampa is not the best investment for you. But, if investment growth is the motivation for your purchase or if you reside up north or in another state and stay in Florida during the winter season then a second home definitely makes sense.

And it’s crucial, if you’re not going to rent your home out when you’re not occupying it, to understand the costs of a vacant second home. Beyond the purchase price of the home, your ongoing upkeep costs such as renovations, repairs, property taxes, home insurance and more should be understood and calculated prior to purchase. If you’re going to rent the property you should understand that rental income may not cover all expenses.

Who can help me find my (second) dream home?

When beginning your search it’s best to consult with a top Tampa vacation home real estate agent such as Realtor Nathan Bangs for detailed information on all aspects of owning a second home in Tampa for investment or pleasure.

Only an experienced Tampa real estate agent will be able to provide the professional guidance you need to make the best possible purchase. Be sure the Realtor is licensed, understands how to use the latest technology to your advantage and has at least five years’ experience specifically in the Tampa market otherwise you’ll waste your time and money driving to endless deadend properties.

What about my Tampa vacation home mortgage?

Buying a second home shares many of the mortgage qualifying processes as your primary residence. One step you can take is to get a pre-approval from a lender. A pre-approval can give you leverage in the purchase process and can also help you understand how much you can afford (to get an idea of how much you can afford we’ve including a link to a loan analysis calculator).

Many of the aspects of getting a second or vacation home mortgage are the same as qualifying for a first mortgage:

  • A solid credit score.
  • A proven history of paying your bills on time.
  • Documented income.
  • Your debt-to-income ratio (the percentage of your gross monthly income that goes toward paying debts).
  • Prove your ability to pay all of your mortgages plus pay the other debt you currently carry.

The decision to buy a second or vacation home in Tampa is a personal one and should be based on multiple real-life and practical factors. But the fact remains that Tampa is one of the consistently hot markets for vacation or second homes because of location, location, location.

Everyone wants the maximum price when they sell their home. But the truth is that homeowners fall in love with their homes and often have unrealistic expectations when it comes time to list and sell. They know every plant, every knob, every coat of paint and more that they added to their home over the years and want to be paid top dollar for their labor of love.

But another truth is that buyers don’t care. Buyers want the bottomline best value and don’t place a price premium on the pencil lines drawn on the wall noting the growth of kids or the hedge your family planted during a memorable summer. Buyers are going to create their own memories when they move into a property and will make an offer commiserate with their perceived hard value of the tangible assets.

But to help you attract potential buyers through the best listing price and realize the maximum value that buyers in current market conditions will pay – helping you bridge the gap between emotion and reality – is your professional Tampa Realtor.

Your Realtor will begin the process of determining a list price by first determining the market value of your home through comparative market analyses, appraisals, and other accurate valuation methods. (For a ballpark idea of what your house is worth click on our home value calculator.) But beyond the science of valuing a home, there is a true degree of psychology, strategy and understanding of human nature that will determine the right price to list your Tampa home for a fast sale.

Here are some best Tampa Realtor secrets and strategies that sellers who are listing their Tampa home for sale should follow:

  • Set a price but stay flexible: Understand, from the beginning, that every listing price is negotiable and that every real estate transaction is a process.

At Nathan Bangs & Associates, whenever we serve as a listing agent we strive to sell the property for the maximum price for our clients. This begins with listing the property at the highest price that makes sense when all market conditions are factored in. But before we put the home on the market we always communicate with the seller about what might happen with unforeseen events such as offers lower than list price. It is crucial to have a Plan B ready to put into motion immediately and your Tampa Realtor can make sure you’re prepared. A little planning goes a long way to get a house sold and sold quickly.

  • Maximize the buyer pool: Set a list price for maximum “mass” appeal.

When buyers begin the process the first thing they tell their Realtor is that “I want a house in this specific area, with this many bedrooms, and my budget is this.” Say, for example, their budget is $300,000. When the real estate agent pulls up all listings that meet the criteria through an automated search, if your home is listed at $301,000 the potential buyer will never see it.

Because of the likelihood of this scenario, the best Realtors will adjust their search above the buyer’s criteria to include a wider sampling of properties. But you can’t count of someone else’s Realtor to deliver best practices. Price your house to gather maximum interest from the beginning and your pool of buyers will be the largest.

  • Unconventional pricing does not work: Like any retail transaction, in real estate the “power of 99” pricing strategy is a general rule of thumb for listings because it works.

In terms of basic human psychology regarding purchases, $499,900 will always generate a more favorable response than $500,000. Conversely, if you’d like to repel buyers immediately, include things like your favorite numbers or your kids’ ages in the price. $499,900 is easily understandable. $499,937 will only serve to confuse potential buyers and they will go elsewhere.

It’s the responsibility of your Tampa Realtor to explain the entire listing and sales process, to complete the due diligence to set an accurate valuation of your property, and to take all factors – mathematical and psychological – into consideration when determining the best price to list your Tampa home.

Ultimately, listen carefully to your agent’s pricing strategy. It’s his or her job to know what works and doesn’t. And once the home is listed any number of factors may impact the market but if you remain flexible and rely on the expertise of your Realtor to react to these changing conditions and act accordingly in concert with you, you are well on your way to a fast sale.

The Secrets to Avoiding a Short Sale Scam

by Nathan Bangs

Because some Tampa short sales can be complicated and confusing for those without a qualified Tampa Realtor to help you navigate the process, short sale transactions are a fertile market for a wide variety of scams, schemes and other rip-offs.

Often times, due to the nature of short sales, sellers are don’t have the financial resources to hire experts on the many financial, legal, tax, credit, and other issues inherit in the process.

Further, sellers don’t want to lose their homes to foreclosure and therefore are most likely going to be anxious to explore alternatives such as short sale, especially if the final outcome can be completed quickly and seems to be in their favor.

Add these factors to the stress and emotions of a homeowner facing possible foreclosure due to job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, illness, or other highly emotional situations and this makes them an easy mark for a scam artist’s lure of a so-called “guaranteed” quick fix through a short sale.

Know the Red Flags of a Short Sale Scam

Only the top Tampa Realtors, such as Nathan Bangs & Associates, are well versed and experienced in all aspects of the short sale process and can help to detect scams before they happen. But it’s also crucial that you educate yourself as well because an educated consumer is the best consumer.

Here are some of the most flagrant red flags that both Realtors and their clients should be on the lookout for to eliminate potential short sale scams:

  • The offer is too good to be true.
  • The buyer isn’t really concerned about the sales price or other significant terms of sale.
  • The prospective buyer is not concerned about the short sale seller’s financial situation.
  • The transaction DOES NOT involve a seller who is the current owner of the property.
  • A notice of default has already been filed against the property.
  • The seller is involved in a sales transaction where the property owner has purportedly given someone an option to purchase.
  • The buyer is an entity such as a trust, corporation or LLC, and not an individual person.
  • Any payments are requested to be made only cash, cashier’s check, or wire transfer.
  • The person demands that things happen immediately, without delay, and doesn’t allow time for due diligence of documents and processes.
  • A buyer requests transfer of title outside of escrow.
  • The person in the transaction fails to provide copies of signed documents.
  • The person only makes oral promises, nothing in writing.

BEFORE Signing Anything, Do This…

  • Check the professional qualifications of both the individual person and business entity, if applicable. 
  • Research to ensure that the individual person and business entity you’re doing business with actually exist and are properly licensed depending on service provided.
  • Get references and verify those references. 
  • Research anyone involved in your short sale for their background, credentials and licensing.
  • Google the person to see if he/she has a history of scams (it’s amazing what information you can find).
  • Read documents carefully and thoroughly before signing. If you do not understand a document, get the advice of a licensed professional as appropriate.
  • Do not sign your name to any documents with spaces left blank.
  • Ask for advice and help from family and friends, if needed, as they may be able to spot inconsistencies you don’t.

Ask an Experienced Tampa Short Sale Specialist for Help

The Tampa short sale process can be a complicated and emotional journey. When in doubt, turn to a qualified Tampa short sale Realtor such as Nathan Bangs & Associates to help you navigate the process and help your avoid short sale scams.

Top Tampa Home Selling Tips: The Kitchen is the Key

by Nathan Bangs

What is the first room that South Tampa home buyers gravitate to when looking at your property? The smart money is on your kitchen. The kitchen is the nerve center of the house and must be staged as such because the fact is that a large percentage of prospective buyers will walk away from your home based solely on the condition, look and feel of the kitchen.

If the buyer believes that he or she is facing a serious renovation in your kitchen they are either out the door or will be coming back with a low-ball offer that will cover the work they will have to do to get things how they want them.

It’s true, kitchens sell South Tampa houses. But how do your get your kitchen to generate maximum value for your property? Well, let’s get started.

Begin at the Bottom: The Kitchen Floor

Clean, cleaner, cleanest. If your floor is stained, tiles cracked, or has any other major imperfections it can be a deal breaker. Get your floor in the best possible shape prior to showing your home which means scrubbing dirt and replacing broken tiles. In addition there should be a smooth traffic flow through the space so get rid of rolling carts or extra storage bins. Buyers should be able to envision themselves enjoying entertaining, cooking and more in your kitchen. It begins at the bottom, your kitchen floor.

Counter Countertop Complaints

If your counter has seen better days it doesn’t mean that your have to replace it. Counters are expensive and even if you pick the right color and style a potential buyer may still see this as something that needs to be changed again to meet their specific taste. Clean, uncluttered counters, usually with two or fewer small appliances, can make your kitchen seem bigger and brighter. Less is more when it comes to your counter so eliminate flat-surface junk.

Light Up Your Kitchen’s Life

A cheerful, bright kitchen needs the cheerful, bright lighting. Clean or replace dingy light fixtures and replace any light bulbs that may be dimming or that have burned out. Your kitchen is the anchor of activity for your house and should be lit to impress.

Cabinets and Storage

Have cheap, outdated or ugly cabinets? A coat of paint or stain can work wonders. Also pay attention to the hardware. Old, outdated handles and knobs can be easily remedied. Similarly with a counter replacing big ticket items such as cabinets may be a waste of time and money because your replacements may be ultimately replaced by the buyer. Clean and bright works wonders and can be an inexpensive fix. And be sure to stage your cabinets by cleaning up any clutter, putting boxes in line and throwing out any old food.

Your Refrigerator Keeps Things Cool

Potential buyers can and will examine and open your refrigerator. You should have them be greeted with a clean top of the fridge, no magnets or family photos on the doors, a clean and organized interior, and no offensive old food or odors. A little work goes a long way with the coolest part of your kitchen.

Top Tampa Home Selling Tips: The Kitchen

The cleanliness, neatness and your creation of a space that is orderly and inviting can motivate a seller to sit right down at your kitchen table and write and offer – but only if that table is clean!

Winter is the Hot Time to List Tampa Homes for Sale

by Nathan Bangs

Listing your Tampa home during the winter months has many advantages that can help your property to sell quickly.

Listing your home during winter means different marketing techniques because of the unique Tampa real estate market. The best way to take advantage of the winter advantages detailed below is to list your home with an experienced Tampa Realtor who understands how to market your property for the season, knows the current buying trends, and has the experience to deliver top value.

You can sell your home during the winter

The advantages of listing Tampa real estate during the winter include:

  • Corporate relocations. Workers are on the move during the winter and not by their own choice. It’s a fact that there are more corporate transfers of employees during January than at any other time of the year. These people need houses and need them fast meaning that they can’t wait until spring flowers, etc. to make a purchase. Be ready to sell them your house.

    Listing your home with an experienced Tampa Realtor such as Nathan Bangs can be the key because his team is known as a go-to source for companies looking for assistance in relocating employees in the easiest possible way. With your home listed and on the market it will be ready and waiting to sell to buyers who need to move fast.
  • Educated home buyers. The conventional wisdom that the winter months are a slow period for Tampa home sales has been blown out of the water. For years people would say that sales during winter slow down because there are less daylight hours or because harsh weather up north causes people to delay travel to the Sunshine State to look for a house.   

    It’s a fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, that nine out of ten home buyers begin their home searches via the Internet. That means that even the most snowed-in potential buyer can still find your home online and will be ready to buy as soon as they touch down in Tampa. Will they buy your home? Only if your home is listed.
  • Your house will show better. The holidays offer some of the best opportunities to show your house in its best light because your property will be filled with holiday decorations and holiday cheer. Buyers love homes that reach them on an emotional level and the holidays represent a great time to have a buyer fall in love with your Tampa house for sale. But that can only happen if your house has been listed and is on the market and ready to sell.
  • Snowbirds are everywhere. Anyone who has been in the Tampa Bay area for any amount of time can feel the population of the area swell during the winter months. Your Tampa Realtor can help you market your home directly to this affluent buying market by stressing the relevant facts they will look for in a property.

    Some snowbird essentials that they are interested in include information on local senior activities, facts on nearby medical facilities and historical attractions, the accessibility of your home including stairs, steep driveways, etc. and more. Again, your Tampa Realtor can shine the most favorable light on your home to get it sold quickly. Here is one example of how a top Realtor can deliver the information snowbirds are looking for.
  • No summer heat. For any potential buyer, snowbird or Tampa local, the summer heat in Florida can be brutal. For some, no amount of air conditioning will cool them enough to concentrate on your property and an unhappy buyer is someone who won’t buy regardless of how great your house is. While Tampa can get cold, the temperatures are still very conducive to entice buyers outside and into your home to take a look.

Listing Tampa homes for sale during the winter months offers many benefits and advantages that simply aren’t available at any other time of the year. But the only way to get your home sold is to first get it listed with a qualified, licensed Tampa Realtor.

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