Selling Your Home By Owner: Tampa Marketing Tips

Selling Your Home By Owner: Tampa Marketing Tips

When you sell your house by owner it means that you’re undertaking the entire real estate process yourself. In fact, marketing your South Tampa home by owner is a new world for many sellers because all facets of the sale become your responsibility including pricing, the sales process, advertising your property, closing, legal issues and more.

To help assist in your For Sale Buy Owner endeavors, Nathan Bangs & Associates is providing key marketing tips that can help you get underway. These tips are part of Nathan Bangs’ comprehensive Tampa For Sale By Owner First Aid Kit, an exclusive marketing tool that is specifically designed to attract qualified buyers and get your home or condo sold quickly.

An important part of our powerful FSBO marketing program, the following tips can get you started on the right path from the beginning and get your By Owner Tampa home sold:

  • Price your home at or just below market value. (Be cautious not to over-price your home. This will cost you money.)
  • Stage your home for showings. (We provide a “How to Increase the Value of Your Home” section in our Tampa For Sale By Owner marketing materials).
  • Make an attractive, detailed flyer for your home.  Make sure to include information on how to reach you to view the home.
  • Get a lender’s Good Faith Estimate using your sale price and showing several loan options (we provide an example in our marketing kit). Provide this with flyer.
  • Use our Tampa ‘FOR SALE BY OWNER’ sign in front yard. Never use hand written signs.
  • Place an information tube or box near your sign, and keep this filled with flyers.
  • Distribute flyers to 100 people in your neighborhood. (Many times your neighbors will know a buyer for your home).
  • Make up small ad cards (with photo) and place on bulletin boards. (Credit union, workplace, etc.)
  • Advertise on the Internet —
  • Place an ad in monthly Real Estate publications. Always use a good picture. Some publications will take the picture for you as part of their fee.
  • Place an ad in The Tampa Tribune or Tampa Bay Times newspaper. Always advertise price, address and key features of the home.
  • Hold open house at scheduled intervals (Sunday afternoons are best). Use open house signs and directional signs.

Don’t be bashful about letting people know you have a home for sale. You never know who might be looking or who might know someone who is looking.

Now Take the First Step!

The first step in selling your home For Sale By Owner is to complete our FSBO information form and click submit. The power of our successful Tampa For Sale By Owner First Aid Kit, along with the expertise of our Tampa Realtor professionals, will give you the competitive advantage and get your house sold fast – by owner!

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