Showing Tips for Tampa Homes: For Sale By Owner

Showing Tips for Tampa Homes: For Sale By Owner

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the Tampa For Sale By Owner (Tampa FSBO) market this impression can make or break a signed contract and successful transaction.

The physical appearance of a home – from view from the curb to floor clutter to the cleanliness of each and every room – is the first overall impression in the mind and heart of a prospective buyer. This first impression will have a direct impact on whether or not that prospective buyer makes an offer, the quality of that offer and whether or not that offer is the right one to buy your For Sale By Owner Tampa home.

If the potential buyer gets the impression that the previous owner took great care of the house, it directly sways his of her positive attitude toward your home. First impressions are extremely important, so dress your home for success from the beginning.

To help assist in your For Sale Buy Owner Tampa endeavors, Nathan Bangs & Associates is providing key marketing tips on how to best show your home for best results. These tips are part of Nathan Bangs’ comprehensive Tampa For Sale By Owner First Aid Kit, an exclusive marketing tool that is specifically designed to attract qualified buyers and get your home or condo sold quickly.

Here is an exclusive checklist to prepare for successful showings of your For Sale By Owner Tampa home/condo:

  • Curb appeal. The entrance to your home must be clean and clutter free to look its most appealing. Because a potential buyer’s first impressions is often developed at the entry of your home, make sure there is no debris or kids’ toys laying about and it also helps to add color through potted flowers, etc.
  • More light the better. Ensuring that your home well-lit and bright is extremely important. This is easily accomplished by opening all draperies, blinds and turning on all lights – yes, all of them.
  • Set the mood. Soft, inoffensive music played at very low volume can help set the mood and allow people to relax while looking. The more they look the more they’ll like.
  • Control the smell. Potpourri, baking bread or cookies will fill your home with pleasant, pleasing odors that will make viewers feel great about your home. Conversely, make sure that your home is free of any offensive odors which include pets, cooking odors, garbage, dirty laundry, etc.
  • Clean means clean. Windows should be washed, paint touched up, children’s toys put away, wood floors dusted, carpet vacuumed, dishes done, clothes put away, etc. No one wants to buy a dirty house.
  • Be available for questions. When walking through the home with the prospective purchasers, be present to answer any questions they might have. If they get answers as they go, they can turn their attention to liking the home more.
  • No pressure. Never high-pressure a prospective buyer but be sure to ask questions that will reveal their ability to purchase your home.  Don’t be afraid to ask “Do you think our home will work for you?”
  • Always get the prospective buyer’s name and phone number to gauge true interest in your home.
  • Always follow up with a phone call to everyone who looked at your home should you happen to reduce the price or change the condition or amenities in the future.
  • Look at your home through the eyes of a purchaser. Do a walk-through rehearsal with a family member before your first showing for input.

Tampa FSBO Assistance is a Click Away!

The first step in selling your home For Sale By Owner is to complete our simple FSBO information form and click submit. The power of our successful Tampa For Sale By Owner First Aid Kit, along with the expertise of our Tampa Realtor professionals, will give you the competitive advantage and get your house or condo sold fast – by owner!


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