The Carrollwood Short Sale Real Estate Market

The Carrollwood Short Sale Real Estate Market

When mortgage lenders agree to enter into the short sale real estate process it means that the lender will accept less than the total amount due on the note. Many Tampa home owners currently owe more than their house is worth and face the anxiety of foreclosure or having to short sale of their home.

With professional guidance, a short sale in Carrollwood (or buying a short sale property) can be an easy process because Carrollwood real estate is one of Tampa’s most established and in demand neighborhoods. But only a licensed Tampa Realtor who also knows how and what to do, and when to do it, throughout the entire short sale process, including evaluation and pricing formulas, can most effectively lead you to a successful outcome.

Your top Tampa short sale Realtor, Nathan Bangs, is a short sale specialist and has the experience to help both buyers and sellers of Carrollwood real estate navigate the Tampa short sale process.

Sellers: Get Top Dollar for Your Carrollwood Short Sale

Throughout this website we have detailed the process to see if you will qualify for a short sale and also the advantages that a short sale can provide. But what are the keys to a successful short sale?

  • Price the property correctly.
  • A set negotiating strategy.
  • Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.
  • Detailed, consistent communication with your lender.
  • Patience.

Start now! The top Tampa short sale real estate agents at Nathan Bangs & Associates are experts at Tampa short sales and are ready to help sell your home as quickly as possible.

Buyers: Carrollwood Short Sales Offer Great Deals

Thinking about buying a property via short sale? Well be prepared because the process is a very different animal than most real estate transactions. Similarly to selling short, buying a short sale follows a specific process and deviating from that process can delay closing, cost money, and create unlimited frustration. To eliminate the frustration from the process put an experienced Tampa Realtor by your side to guide you through the process. The expert short sale real estate agents at Nathan Bangs & Associates are very experienced at Tampa short sales and are ready to help you find outstanding values in the Carrollwood short sale market.

For our current inventory of Tampa short sale properties please click here.

Hire Only the Top Tampa Short Sale Real Estate Agent

Nathan Bangs & Associates is your best choice to effectively bridge the communication gaps between seller, lender and buyer.

In addition, our dedicated team understands that marketing of a short sale listing is crucial because without an offer nothing happens. Most Tampa agents can’t effectively market a short sale and simply don’t understand how to price a short sale, They end up listing the property too low meaning that the bank is sure to not approve the short sale because they won’t get enough money back.

Sellers remember, every day wasted is another day closer to foreclosure.

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