Advice for the Elderly Home Seller


Making the decision to move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home can be one of the most emotional experiences a family encounters. Emotions run deep and stress levels high during this very difficult time. For the elderly, these homes may have been filled with a lifetime of memories and moving on to a new life situation can be depressing and overwhelming in many ways.


When your family is faced with this, you want the move to be as smooth as possible. As a Realtor, I often advise people in this situation of their option to find a cash buyer. Having a cash buyer has been advantages for the elderly home seller:


-No Realtor Fees

When there is a cash buyer, the homeowner does not have to pay any Realtor fees saving potentially thousands of dollars


-No Home Staging or Costly Repairs

Depending on the health of the elderly person and the level of supportive people around him or her, there may have been some deterioration in the home. A house needs to look inviting, tidy and be in good shape to sell on the market. Many times the elderly homeowner or the family member assisting the elderly with the move, do not have the energy to deal with all the work this entails


-No People Coming Through the Home

With a cash sale, there are no safety concerns about people coming through the house day in and day out. A cash buyer will come in, make the decision and then make the offer. You do not have to plan for any more visits by strangers.


-Get Money Quick

The elderly homeowner will typically have their cash within a few days. Getting the money quickly gives them the freedom of cash in the bank without a lengthy closing or extended time on the home sales market.


-No Hassle Closing

There are no surprises at the closing table. You don’t have to deal with financing, banks and the complications that arise with negotiating a loan.


While there are many alternatives for the elderly homeowner seeking selling advice, the main thing to consider is what makes the most sense to facilitate an easy transition. If you are interested in more information on selling your home for cash, I work with a team of reliable investors in the Tampa, FL area. Call me today.