Chinese Drywall Resale

Many people in the Tampa Bay area were shocked to learn that the home they invested in contained hazardous drywall made in China, commonly called “Chinese drywall”. Florida ports took in enough drywall to build over 30,000 homes. If your home was built between 2003-2009, there is a chance it contains this drywall and is emitting harmful emissions.


The gypsum used in this Chinese drywall contained extra metals and minerals, like sulphur dioxide, that are at higher ratios than what is considered safe within US standards. This tainted dywall has been linked with numerous health issues such as inferior bone growth in children, chronic cough, severe and chronic headaches, nervous system disorders, organ damage, asthma and eye irritation.


Signs that your home contains Chinese drywall:

-SMELL: a sulfuric smell like rotten eggs especially strong on hot, humid days

-NEIGHBORHOOD: if a neighbor’s house has it, chances are strong yours was built with the same materials

-CORROSION: any copper used for appliances or wiring will corrode quickly and destroy appliances

-LIGHTING SYSTEM: Lights in the house that seem to flicker or buzz


Remediation of these contaminated homes is possible. If your home contains Chinese drywall that was manufactured by Knauf, you are probably entitled to a payment to rebuild your home as part of their settlement agreement. But if your home’s drywall came from another Chinese manufacturer (not all Chinese drywall is tainted), then you are not so lucky. Companies like Taishan are dragging out the settlement process and tying up the court systems.


Paying for remediation on your home can be costly. All of the tainted drywall needs to be removed, including dust from this drywall. Appliances and their wiring need to be replaced completely. A Realtor can help determine if your home contains Chinese drywall and how to best remedy the situation. They have connections with contractors that can make the necessary repairs to get your home ready for resale and they may even have connections to buyers willing to place a cash offer on the home. A cash offer allows you the freedom to walk away from the home without investing in costly repairs.


If you have a new home built between 2003-2009, don’t be surprised at sale date. Have a Realtor come out and help you set up an inspection. Together, you can go over your options and determine the best solution to selling your Chinese drywall home.