Selling Your House With a Realtor


Selling Your House With a Realtor

When you sell a home, you want to make the most money possible. Usually, before you have put the sale sign out, you have already planned out where the profits will go from selling your home. Another new home, college, travel, retirement… whatever it may be, you want those profits to be maximized. You may consider listing the home yourself to save the Realtor fees, but consider this, a good Realtor is your best chance in maximizing your sale profit.

Here are the top three ways a Realtor can help you list your home and maximize sale profits:

1. Your Realtor is Your Partner

A good Realtor wants to sell your house for the highest value possible and if they have been in the real estate business for many years, they know exactly what that figure is. They are skilled at “staging” your home so that is most appealing. They know the staging tricks to increase the selling value of your home. For instance, how crammed are your closets? Storage is a huge value to the buyer so making closets and cabinets look roomy is a key.

2. Make Necessary Home Repairs

Most homes need some updates or repairs that will increase the home’s selling value. Don’t invest your money in these until you contact your selling agent. Think you need to remodel the kitchen? Maybe you don’t. According to a Poll, a remodeled bathroom was more important than a remodeled kitchen. Remodeling a bathroom is much less expensive than remodeling a kitchen. Maybe the kitchen just needs a fresh coat of paint. Your Realtor will know what repairs will maximize the value of your home.

3. Important Connections

Most Realtors have developed connections with reputable people in your community. When they help list your home, they have a vested interest in you getting quality repairs and help from good people. They can refer contractors, home inspectors, and potential buyers. Listing with an agent means more people will be able to find your home. If you are looking for a cash buyer, they can also help you reach a potential buyer that is not going to scam you.

The value and security you get from hiring a Realtor as your listing agent more than pays for the commission they receive from your home sale. That commission may even be less than the cost of the kitchen remodel you almost went through with.

Please, call me today to list your home. Thanks ~ Nathan Bangs