Buying a condo can be a fantastic option for a homebuyer. Condos provide you a break from the property maintenance responsibilities that go along with owning a home and often offer luxury amenities, like a jacuzzi spa or a fitness room. Imagine sitting by the pool or exercising on the elliptical machine instead of mowing the grass every weekend? They can also provide the opportunity to live in a neighborhood that would be over your budget in home buying. Especially here in Florida, with all our coastal communities, condos can be your chance for waterfront living and tremendous views.


When researching condos in your desired region, look for the biggest unit possible within your budget. Condos that have more than one bedrooms are easier to resell. Also, condos that have nice views, convenient parking and space for storage are also appealing to a broader market. If you are a cash buyer, you may be able to find some real deals in the condo market too.


Once you decide on a condo, be sure to have a clear understanding of the Condo Association Fees associated with your purchase. These fees are assessed and added to your mortgage payment, like a monthly bill, to cover the maintenance and upkeep of the building. You want to be buying into a community that is stable and well-run so there are no extra fees and assessments over the years. A stable condo building also ensures that maintenance and curb appeal are maintained- important for resale value.


Condo living can bring you the comfort of a secure building, social interactions, upscale amenity and views, and other things that may make this the most appealing option for you in your real estate search. Never underestimate the value a Realtor can bring to this major purchase. They have condo listings, some from foreclosure, and know the value of a neighborhood. They also make a great connection if you are a Cash Buyer wishing to find an incredible investment deal.


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